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Mandurah Podiatry, the leading foot clinic
serving the Peel Region for over 15 years

Our team of dedicated podiatrists provides a full range of podiatry services, from gait and biomechanical assessment to general foot care, orthotics and minor surgery. We apply the latest techniques and treatment solutions to your problems to keep you moving, pain free.

We are the leading podiatry clinic in Mandurah offering a full range of podiatry services to the community since 1998.

Whether you have sore, tired, aching feet & legs, thickened or ingrowing toenails or painful corns & calluses, our podiatrists can help you.

The team at Mandurah Podiatry Clinic are highly trained to focus on your specific needs and give professional advice and assistance with any questions you may have.

Mandurah Podiatry Clinic is registered with the Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA) and we are able to accept referrals.

Mandurah Podiatry Video
Mandurah Podiatry Video

Common Foot Conditions

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  • Foot treatment with Diabetes, Mandurah Podiatry


    It is recommended by the World Health Organisation that diabetics visit a podiatrist at least every six months to have their foot health assessed and monitored

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  • Heel Pain or Plantar Fasciitis foot problems - Mandurah Podiatry

    Heel Pain or Plantar Fasciitis

    Plantar fasciitis is the inflammation and possible tearing of the plantar fascia, a flat band of tissue attached to your heel that ‘fans’ out to the ball of the foot along the arch.

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  • Morton’s Neuroma Foot Problems - Mandurah Podiatry

    Morton’s Neuroma

    A Morton’s Neuroma is a painful nerve enlargement or irritation of one or more of the nerves between the metatarsals in the forefoot.

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  • Bunions Foot Problem - Mandurah Podiatry


    Bunions are an osteoarthritis or damage to the big toe joint and often presents as a swollen or protruding bump at the junction of the big toe.

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