Achilles Tendonitis

Pain in achilles tendon - Mandurah Podiatry

The Achilles tendon attaches the calf muscle to the back of the heel, and is one of the strongest tendons in the body.

Achilles tendonitis is seen in people with all different foot types, and can be linked to an increase in activity over a short period of time, before the tendon has developed the strength and flexibility to adapt to the new activity.
Achilles tendonitis can affect any part of the tendon, but most commonly affects the tendon at or near its insertion on the heel bone. It is painful when the affected part of the tendon is squeezed, and is often very painful when walking.

Achilles tendonitis is a serious injury and should be treated immediately, since prolonged and untreated inflammation can cause the problem to become chronic, increasing the chances of complete rupture.

In flexible foot types, an orthotic device with stability features may eliminate some of the excessive motion of the heel and relieve pain. Footwear and stretching exercises are also key factors in successfully treating this condition.

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