Foot treatment with Diabetes, Mandurah Podiatry

It is recommended by the World Health Organisation that diabetics visit a podiatrist at least every six months to have their foot health assessed and monitored, due to common complications that are associated with the condition: nerve damage, loss of feeling, reduced circulation, and a loss of blood flow to the feet.

The foot has many tiny nerves surrounding it, and over time these nerves may become damaged due to poor circulation or high blood glucose levels, causing peripheral neuropathy. Blood vessels in the feet of diabetics may also become blocked, resulting in poor or slow healing and increased infections of the skin. We work with our diabetic patients to provide advice and support for maintaining healthy feet.

Our highly trained podiatrists provide an in-depth and comprehensive testing process to determine how much or how little blood flow and sensation you have in your feet. We communicate with your doctor so they may provide you with the optimal health care you deserve. Our clinic has a long history of working collaboratively with local doctors, with strong relationships and communication an essential part of our service commitment to you.

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